Founded by Sir Richard Saltonstall in 1630 and incorporated the same year, Watertown was one of Massachusetts' first settlements. It originally included what is now Weston, Waltham and large sections of Lincoln, Belmont and Cambridge. It was an important ordinance center from 1816 until the late 1960's when the Watertown Arsenal closed. It was also the home of the Stanley Steamer, automobile and the Hood Rubber Co., which at one time employed 10,000 people, many of them Armenian immigrants. Today its economic base includes light manufacturing and high technology.

Population: 33,284
Location: 6 miles northwest of Boston
Total Area: 4.17 square miles
Population Density: 7,982 people per square mile
Government:Town Manager, Town Council
County: Middlesex
Cable Television: Continental Cablevision, 923-8610

Public Schools: 617-923-4374
Watertown High, 51 Columbus Ave.
Watertown Middle School, Waverly Ave.
Cunniff Elementary, 246 Warren St
Hosmer Elementary, Concord Road,
Lowell Elementary, Orchard St.

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